Fees and Charges

The charges for Building Regulation applications are either established as a standard charge or, for the larger schemes that fall outside of our standard charges, individually determined on a scheme-by-scheme basis.

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Standard Charges

Please note that the standard charges are calculated based on the principle that all works are being carried out at the same time.

Additional fees:

  • If work stops or some work is partially completed, then an additional fee will be applied once work continues.
  • If new or additional work is identified on site, a further charge will be applied.
  • If plans or calculations are required to be checked again, once a decision has been issued, an additional fee will be applied.

Individually determined charges

If the charge for your building work is not listed as a standard charge it will be calculated individually

Factors which are taken into account in determining the fee include:

  • The floor area of the building or extension
  • The estimated cost of the building work
  • The estimated duration of the building work
  • The use of competent persons or Robust Details Ltd
  • The nature of the design of the building work and whether - innovative or high risk construction is to be used.
  • We welcome early involvement, particularly on larger projects, prior to the formal deposit of a Building Regulations application to provide maximum assistance to achieve rapid approval of your scheme.
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Payment of Charges

You are able to pay by any of the following methods:

  • Over the phone by credit or debit card - 01276 707 141 (Mon to Fri 9:00 - 16:00)
  • Online using a credit or debit card (Please use the first line of the site address in the Reference field if you do not know your reference number).
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Plan Charge

The plan charge is payable at the time of submitting the application - this charge is for checking the plans.

Inspection Charge

The inspection charge is payable after the first inspection on site by our Building Control Surveyors. The applicant will be invoiced for the charge, and it will cover all subsequent inspections.

Building Notice Charge

The full charge is payable when you submit your application


If you wish to withdraw your application, a refund maybe possible. However, the amount due will be determined based on any works already carried out and an administration fee will be applied in all cases.

We will confirm the amount due upon receipt of such a request